Executive Health

Without doubt one of the most important decisions you can make, for your own benefit and that of your company, is to invest in your own quality health programme.

It can be a real challenge for executives and professional people to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and to eat a well balanced diet, particularly when business demands long working hours with lots of travelling on the road, or overseas and regular meals out in restaurants or hotels. 

We take a highly personalised approach to complete physical health and wellbeing assessments for our executive clients. We will get to know you, understand your individual requirements, your challenges, determine risk factors and consequently perform a series of relevant tests which will help us build a picture of your current health.

Each client is unique and as such, we have designed a fully comprehensive and unique healthcare solution for clients at executive level. With advice and support on how to make positive changes to your lifestyle, we will help you to reach peak fitness, achieving a healthy body and mind to get the most out of life at home and work. 

Whether you are a key player of a major corporation, or you are interested to partner with us on an individual basis, we will make a plan that is relevant to you. 

We understand how busy you are, and as such we are flexible in agreeing a location to deliver the assessment and sessions, be it at your place of work or your home, gym or nearby green spaces. 


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