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CK Fitness and Wellbeing consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you.

Claire Kremer

Business Owner and Health Coach


Specialist areas - Personal Trainer, Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing Coach, Stress Management


Claire is passionate about helping clients to realise their full potential through positive lifestyle changes. She believes a holistic approach is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and managing pressures that everyday work and life present us with. 


Building on her extensive experience in the Health and Wellbeing industry, Claire has held senior positions in the design and delivery of behaviour change programmes. With further expertise in Corporate Social Responsibility, you can be sure that your community/ employee investment is in line with your business strategy.


As an acomplished athlete and championship marathon runner, Claire understands the benefits of being healthy, fit and active and how this can benefit people in their personal and professional lives.


Catherine Hutchinson

Registered Nutritionist


Catherine works with a wide range of people to help them achieve a healther and happier lifestyles. She has experience in running weight management programmes for groups and individuals to attain life-changing goals and overcome difficulties with illness or allergies. Her motivation and beahviour change strategies suppoprt people in achieving their longer term goals

in a way that is safe and sustainable. 



Jacqueline Toofail

Registered Life Coach


Jacqueline has supported individuals in making significant enhancements to their lives through her sessions to achieve a more balanced, focused and productive lifestyle. She has worked with individuals at every level from senior execs through to sales teams and delivery personnel and has an ability to engage with people at an appropriate level to uncover deep set

habits and thought processes that can be holding them back. 



Karuna Priya

Mindfulness Coach, Trainer and Yoga Instructor


Karuna has a background of Mindfulness and Bhudism that he has practiced from a young age. He has helped individuals to change their mindset and adopt positive habits that have had a significant impact on their personal and professional lives.

A respected public speaker and lecturer in the subject of Mindfulness, Karuna has worked with senior executives and

personnel to achieve a change in culture to drive productivity in

individuals and companies as a whole. 



Nitima Priya

Mindfulness Coach and Therapist


Nitima has specialised in Mindfulness coaching and therapies for the last 10 years. She has a wealth of experience working with individuals of all backgrounds in one to one or group settings and has also supported people in retreats that offer dedicated coaching in the practice of mindfulness. 



Join our Team


Are you passionate about Health and Wellbeing? Would you like to be part of a friendly team that helps individuals to make positive behaviour changes to benefit their long term health?

We are looking for energetic and engaging individuals to support clients in a behaviour change programme. For more information, please contact Claire on 07946 042078 or email info@ckfitnessandwellbeing.co.uk



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