Who is CkFitness?


Claire Kremer



I set up CK Fitness and Wellbeing to follow my passion for sport, and keeping fit. I thrive on helping others to get the most out of a healthy and active lifestyle through a holistic approach to wellbeing.


I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach with certificates in Nutrition and Food as Medicine.

I have also studied with the British Psychological Society to achieve the following:

Primary Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Coaching and Cognitive Behaviour Change 

Primary Certificate in Occupational Stress Mangement. 

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Coaching.


Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, International Stress Management Association (ISMA) and mental health charity MIND.


My personal sporting interest has mainly been in running. As an acomplished athlete, I have completed marathons, half marathons, duathlon and triathlons and last year completed Brighton and London Marathons just a week apart, achieving 2 pb's in championship qualifying times. 


Mixing up training keeps people interested, motivated and challenged and also helps in preventing injury and  maintaining a strong and fit body. Practicing yoga and mindfulness also helps to keep a balance with a higher intensoty training programme to maintain a healthy body and mind. 


Fitness and wellbeing is not just about practicing sport and being physically active. its about being healthy, being happy within yourself and in the best place to get the most out of life. There are huge pressures on all of us with work, home, relationships and the demands that others put on us and that we put on ourselves too! 



We have a trusted team of professionals to engage with clients in motivational coaching and goal setting to achieve positive behaviour changes. All of our Health Coaches have professional qualifications in Personal Training, Nutrition or Life Coaching in order to support clients appropriately with their specific needs.


Contact us now to find out how you can reach your full potential. Its not only you that will benefit, but everyone around you... 


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