At CKFitness and Wellbeing we specialise in Corporate Wellbeing, supporting healthy lifestyles through our bespoke programmes to suit your business and the individuals that you work with.


The workplace is the most effective space to engage people in a healthy lifestyle and businesses everywhere are realising the benefits of a healthy, engaged and more productive workforce. We can develop a bespoke Corporate Wellbeing programme for your specific business and employees. Our holistic approach focusses on 3 key areas for a sustainable behaviour change programme that will help your employees to realise their potential.


We know how important your business drivers are to the success of your business. Our Executives Health Programme offers services to individuals to ensure their optimum health for the challenges that senior management can be faced with. 


Personal Training programmes can offer a complete package of support, advice and resources to help you reach your fitness goals and achieve a healthy body and mind so that you can be at your best for work, life, family and relationships. 


Corporate Wellbeing

Reap the rewards of a healthy and engaged workforce



Executive   Health

Supporting the health of your business drivers to ensure they are always at their best


Personal Training

A personalised programe to suit your lifestyle and support you where you need it most


Challenge Events

Keeping fitness at the heart of the community



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